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My Very Own Barbecue Shop

I HAVE been told that opening a barbecue shop in the middle of a recession, might be included usefully on the list of daft things to do before departure. Opening a barbecue shop in the middle of a recession and in the middle of the wettest year – I know they say that about every year, but 2012 really was, the very wettest of years – takes the burger, as we say around here!

I had been wanting to do it for several years – my work brings me into contact with the very finest barbecues and outdoor cooking equipment available in Europe and North America – and so the opportunity afforded when the perfect premises and location became available, was not to be missed, come rain, shine, come good or troubled times for shop keepers.

We opened at Dean Court Farm, Lower Dean, Buckfastleigh in July 2012, and over the second half of 2012 we assembled the brands and put the shop in order. If I say so myself, it is now the type of place where I like to shop: full of toys for boys and certainly it contains items not to be seen anywhere else in the UK.

I know that my staff at Dean Court share my passion, not just for doing things with fire (well without fire in the case of the food smokers) but also for ‘doing retail’ well, in the way I believe it should be done, and always used to be done.

Enjoy our website, I really hope you can come and enjoy our shop too. If you cannot, then you can at least read all about it here in the Outdoor Gourmet Blog. Additionally, we have a swept-up and all-together organisation to bring you a first class service through our Online Store. Most of all, enjoy cooking outside – whatever the weather!

John Watkins