Prizewinners -

Prizewinning Photos of the Kamado Joe from Totnes

WE LEARN, with some sense of pride, that one of our local Kamado Joe users has entered, and won, the January 2013 international photo contest run by Kamado Joe, at the American brand website Sandra Tate, a local food writer from Totnes, wrote as follows:

"The Kamado Joe is by far my favourite way to cook. From pizza to rib of beef it produces spectacular results and it imparts its own subtle, inimitable flavour. I have a great range in the house, but the Kamado Joe offers a much greater versatility for a good cook. Through the winter I use it for slow, gentle cooking and smoking, and throughout the summer Joe is the centre of attention."

Her beautiful picture of her Kamado Joe, (reproduced here with her permission) caught the eye of the judges including Kamado Joe owner Bobby Brennan, who remarked how the Devon countryside reminds him of his Irish homeland.

We have an extensive range of Kamado Joe products on display in our shop and available in our online store. Courtesy of the manufacturer, we will be supplying Sandra with her prize: a Classic Kamado Joe and heat deflector.

Congratulations Sandra!